Our knowhow in procurement of vehicle spare parts is the key attribute  wich our customers are looking for.

Wether parts are obtained in production quantities, directly from the original manufacturers, procured and commissioned in service sets or supply of special items is secured through frame contracting, our clients can ease their mind and effort in procurement with us.

For whatever material the customer has us inquired for, we have been able to provide quality and  availability at compettitive pricing.

As some clients service older vehicle generations, we have taken the opportunity of stocking ordnance surplus-unused materials before they disappeared from availability.

Most of these items are discontinued and are not to be found in the market today.

This is a possible way for our customers to maintaining their fleet of vehicles at reasonable costs.

We are pleased to obtain your request for quote at :


Please send us your request including available part numbers or national stock numbers (NSN / NIIN)

If you have a preferred manufacturer, please indicate.

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