Water purifying systems in small and large configurations:

Seitz-Berkefeld 200L/HRS

Seitz-Berkefeld 1300L/HRS DrinkingwaterGE0631

General Capacity Data

In case of severe biological pollution and chemical contamination the Cleaning, Sterilizing and Decontamination capacity of the System is  for

-STANAG –water (no drinking water)                   3000 l/h

-Drinking water                                                       1300 l/h

The capacity increases in normal cases up to         3000 l/h drinking water

In case of radioactive contamination the capacity  will be for

- decontamination of radioactive water                   1300 l/h

In case of all three occurrences the average capacity will be

                                                                                  800 – 1000 l/h

The maximum drinking water delivery totally for one cycle (before filter change and complete sterilization of the system)will be, depending on the pollution chemical contamination rate between  7 and 10 m³ (At low rates of pollution the delivery can increase up to 20m³)

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